In a growing market with a tremendous number of
talented individuals, I aim to help people and
organizations see all the endless possibilities that
open to them and provide a service that makes a
significant positive impact on their lives. I seek to be
an advocate for change. Nothing excites me more!
And that’s why I founded The Pathway Project.

My story

I am Palestinian-Canadian with 11 years of experience as a Human Resources professional, leader, entrepreneur and coach.

I founded The Pathway Project in 2013 as I understand that finding your path and driving your own development is not easy. Life comes with twists and turns, disappointments and thrills. But for every question, there are many answers. My focus is to guide and support individuals as they navigate through their path as they discover their full potential and free themselves from self-limiting beliefs, to take more risks, and go for what they really want. I want to be the support that allows them to take a leap of faith and be there with them as they transform their greatest potential into action.

My areas of expertise in HR lie primarily in Compensation and Benefits, Performance Management, Processes and Procedures, Organizational Design and Job Analysis and Descriptions.




Doing What I Love

Growing up, I have lived in Germany, Palestine, Egypt and Canada. After finishing my undergraduate degree in Canada, I craved to get back to my roots and culture and decided to move back to the Middle East. I started chasing my dream career at an early age and landed HR positions, in Kuwait and Dubai in the banking and building material industry. I then transitioned into growing the family immigration consultancy business. Applying my whole self to helping the company succeed, I became a partner at age 25! (Crazy, right?)

Within five years, I noticed that my work no longer excited me and something was missing. I knew that there was so much more to learn, not only about my goals, but also about myself. Ready for my next step, I contacted a career coach to find out what I was really passionate about. I finally had my ‘Aha!’ moment! Coaching itself emerged as the career I wanted to follow. The more I learned about it, the more passionate I became about human growth.

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and a graduate of the Co-Active Leadership Program from the prestigious industry leader the Coaching Training Institute (CTI). I am also one of their Faculty members.