veronique ademar

Partner / Executive Coach


As a real change agent and a person who is genuinely passionate about Human nature and culture, my aim is to assist professionals in defining their own professional path so that they can leave their own trail. Success can come in different shapes and forms, and it’s my job to support individuals as they achieve it!

My story

I am a citizen of the world! This is how I’ve decided to describe myself. I am a French national with Italian and Caribbean origins, born and raised between Switzerland and the UK. Therefore, Dubai seemed like the most evident place to be!

I speak fluent English and French and have over 11 years of experience as a Human Resources professional. I have extensive experience as both a People Manager and Internal Coach. I held various Regional roles such as Recruitment Manager, HR Business Partner and Talent Manager with several Fortune 500 companies in the UAE and Switzerland for both the private and public sector. The industries I have worked in include Pharmaceutical, Tobacco, Oil & Gas and Hospitality. My areas of expertise in HR lie primarily in Coaching, Recruitment, Employee Relations, Performance Management, People development, and Processes & Procedures.


Doing What I Love

A few years ago, ‘Coaching’ was a word that started to become popular and my natural inquisitiveness pushed me to find out more about it. I took my first step into the Coaching world with the Coaches Training Institute in Dubai where I attended the Co-active Coaching fundamentals. This gave me a taste of what being Coach was all about and that’s when I thought ‘This is it! This is what I want to do. Engaging, motivating and assisting individuals at being better Leaders became my goal.
After a few years of reflection and shaping my career in the corporate world, I decided to specialize in Executive Coaching. Whilst searching for the most appropriate program, I discovered that Columbia Business School in New York was offering a certification. Henceforth, there was no doubt in my mind that this was the road to follow. During my intensive course, I realized that a lot of what I was doing was ‘Coaching’ but it helped me put a frame around it and meet with many inspiring and talented individuals.